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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Lingue e Letterature Europee e Americane


The subjects of the bachelor’s degree in Languages, Literatures and Intercultural Studies include internships to be carried out at institutions and entities affiliated with the University.

There are also internal training activities, such as those offered by the Open Access Editorial Laboratory (contact: Arianna Antonielli), the  Multilingual Cultural Heritage Lexis Research Project(contact: Annick Farina) and the  Research Unit of the Interuniversity Center for Hungarian and Central Eastern European Studies (contact: Beatrice Tottossy).

If the internship is provided for in your study plan, or if you intend to include it in your choice of credits or as an off-plan curricular activity (see Study Plans) you must follow the instructions detailed in the Internships section on the School of Humanities and Education’s website.


This page summarizes the basic steps of the activation and implementation procedures of the training or internship and provides some additional information specific to the students of the bachelor’s degree in Humanities.


1. Before starting the internship

Students interested in the internship can consult the tutors to get guidance on the activation process. Tutor names, contact details and office hours are available here.

The delegate for the traineeships and internships of the degree program,  Prof. Giovanna Siedina must also be contacted.

The tutors and the delegate will be able to guide the students in the search and the choice of the entity or institution where to carry out the internship period.  The search must be carried out on the Unifi portal St@geaccording to the procedure indicated on the page "before starting an internship"  of the School of Humanities and Education’s website.

To confirm the possibility of activating the internship and to define the procedures to carry it out students need to get in touch with the company contact person (company tutor) for internships. Contact names are available in the individual company tabs inside the St@ge portal.

In order to facilitate the search, please refer to the following list of ATECO codes that identify companies on the St@ge portal based on the prevailing business.


2. Starting the internship

In order to activate the internship, it is necessary to obtain the qualification for the completion of the project, complete the project form and submit it to the Internships Office (Ufficio Tirocini) at least 3 working days before the beginning of the internship.
Detailed instructions for obtaining the qualification can be found here, those for submitting the project are here.
The addresses and opening hours of the Internships Office of the School of Humanities and Education are available here.


3. At the end of the internship

The internship is not considered completed until all the assessment questionnaires (intern, university tutor, company tutor) have been completed online. Only after completion can the business tutor prepare the final report of the internship. Finally, the student will have to submit the certificate of completion of the internship (form F:doc-pdf).

Complete information for the submission of the required documents is available here.

Further general information on the University's internship activities is available in the Internships  section of the UNIFI portal. 

last update: 17-Nov-2021
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